Rebate Perks Program


  • Receive cash back or travel miles every month while you rent with our Rebate Perks program.
  • Build credit while you rent, accelerate your positive credit history when you pay with your "cash back" or "miles" credit card(s).
  • Avoid paying costly late fees when you pay on time with your credit card.
  • Synchronize rent-day with pay-day with a no interest float when you payoff your credit card statement within the billing cycle.
  • Simplify year-end expense budgeting with category and consolidated expense statements delivered by your credit card issuer.
  • Make manual or automated on-line payments each month, no more worrying about lost checks or inconvenient across town trips to get the rent paid.

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  • Realty, Inc. reserves its right to request a credit or debit card convenience fee with any credit or debit card payment, including but not limited to Rent and Security Deposit payments.
  • Residents can take advantage of Rebate Perks for only those rental units under our management. Residents that pay their monthly contract rent directly to the landlord are not eligible for this program at this time.
  • Prospective residents can inquire about a particular rental unit's management status prior to committing to a lease agreement.
  • For continued eligibility of Rebate Perks, Residents must be in good standing and not have any lease rent in arrears, outstanding fines or late fees, or in violation of lease nor home owner's association covenants.
  • Realty, Inc. has the right to change or cancel the Rebate Perks program at any time.

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